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Talk by Martin Plümicke: More Type Inference in Java

Prof. Dr. Martin Plümicke presents his work on automatic type inference for Java. The talk is on Friday, December 5, at 2pm c.t. in Prof. Klaus Ostermann
’s office (B217/218).


In Java, features such as generics and lambda-expressions require the programmer to explicitly write out complex type for variables and methods. This talk is about an approach for automatic type inference in Java without losing static type safety. The presentation includes the inference algorithm as well as a prototypical implementation in the form of an Eclipse plugin.

About the Speaker

Martin Plümicke studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tübingen before getting his PhD in Computer Science. In his dissertation, he worked on type systems of functional languages and developed a type inference algorithm for OBJ. Today, he is a professor at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). His research is now about the type system of Java. He first developed a type inference algorithm for Java with generics, which he is now extending to support lambda expressions.

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