Programming Languages

Language-Independent Reference Checking in Software Product Lines

by Sven Apel, Wolfgang Scholz, Christian Lengauer, and Christian Kästner

In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Feature-Oriented Software Development (FOSD), pages 64–71. ACM Press, 2010.


\emphFeature-Oriented Software Development (FOSD) is a paradigm for the development of software product lines. A challenge in FOSD is to guarantee that all software systems of a software product line are correct. Recent work on type checking product lines can provide a guarantee of type correctness without generating all possible systems. We generalize previous results by abstracting from the specifics of particular programming languages. In a first attempt, we present a reference-checking algorithm that performs key tasks of product-line type checking independently of the target programming language. Experiments with two sample product lines written in Java and C are encouraging and give us confidence that this approach is promising.