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Fragnix-Gui Creating a declaration editor for an alternative software sharing platform for Haskell

Assigned to Florian Kellner.

Building upon the existing Fragnix tool [fragnix], which slices a Haskell program into its declarations and enriches them with metadata, this thesis envisions a software sharing ecosystem based on sharing single declaration slices. Such an ecosystem could offer improvements in terms of performance, dependency tracking and maintenance and help with the prevention of effort duplication. A declaration editor is chosen as the next step towards realizing the tools for this slice sharing ecosystem. Using Haskell in the back-end and Elm in the front-end, prototypes for navigating code in form of slices are developed. A layout based on code-folding and in dentation proves to be most promising and is used for implementing the back-end foundations for editing and the ability to edit the text of declarations. The implementation of the remaining editing features is left for future work.

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Philipp Schuster