Programming Languages


Considering a Bsc/Msc/BEd/MEd/… thesis in our group?

First, please check out our list of thesis topics. It’s not always up-to-date, but it should give you an impression of the kinds of topics we are interested in. Generally, it is highly recommended that you have visited some courses offered by our chair before approaching us for a thesis. You can ask the lecturer or research associate responsible for a course about thesis topics related to it. If you find one of the published thesis topics interesting, please contact the person who proposed the topic. If you are a top-level student, please also check out recent publications from our group; we generally offer thesis topics related to those, and if you want to experience computer science research, such theses are an excellent start (and could lead into PhD theses etc.)

If you don’t have a particular topic or person in the group you are interested in, please send an email to Prof. Ostermann. This email should include a current transcript or your studies, a description of other potentially relevant competences or activities, and a brief statement about the kind of thesis you have in mind: more practical/programming, more theoretical, related to particular programming languages or technologies etc.

Considering a Bsc/Msc/BEd/MEd/… thesis at a company?

As a rule of thumb, we do not accept theses primarily supervised by companies. There are exceptions, but there needs to be a good reason.